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Minnesnoopies was built on the hopes that my family would have a better quality of life and that my sons would have a brighter future. I am a single mom of 4 amazing boys. My passion in life has always been children and dogs. I started my first business with my mother running a successful daycare center.









This is how my first son Ajax came to me, through my connections in daycare I was able to adopt him at 6 months old. He has many struggles like autism, tourettes, and ADHD. He is a shining light and the funniest kid you will ever meet. He echoed his words untill he was about 4 when he first said on his own "Hi Dogs." Animals brought him out of his own world and into mine. He loves to help care for the beagles and most importantly to snuggle and love them. He has a great compassion for our beagles. They are his best friends. He is now 13 and becoming a great teenager.








After the adoption of my first son I knew this was a calling for me and that I wanted to have more children, my second son Max came to me through foster care and was so severly traumatized by all he had been through. He was labled as a child who was the most difficult and on his way to a state institution but because of his young age he needed a home until he was old enough to go there. He never made it to the institution. Through love, determination and dogs he is the glue of our family. He loves to be organized and likes to make sure all the dogs have their treats everyday. When a puppy was going to his forever home, Max sat secretly and told the puppy "at first you will be scared and not know anyone, but in a little while they will love you and you will be home forever." He really could talk to dogs before he could open up to people, a quality he still enjoys. 








My third son Bam came to me through foster care as well, having PTSD.  Dogs have been a great therapy for him.  He is still unsure of himself but when he is with the beagles he is the happiest I have ever seen him.









My baby, Binx came as a surprise  and we are so happy he did. He was a biological brother to one of my other sons so that was special. He is the smartest, happiest boy ever and his love for the puppies is never ending.










Once I had adopted my family I felt that daycare was no longer the path for me. I wanted more time with my boys, I wanted to have something for them that they could help me with and something that was good for them. Beagles was the answer. I sold my daycare center and now raise Beagles. The boys are all homeschooled and love the co-op we attend. They love going out each morning and playing with the Beagles and helping to take care of them. We live in northern MN. where we can get outside everyday and enjoy  life. Me, my sons and my Beagles.

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