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Pictures of Puppies in their forever homes and what people had to say about them

I couldn’t really decide on just a couple of pictures lol. So there are quite a few attached to this email. She is getting along really well with the two other Beagles (Layla and Milo). She is quite attached to Layla (the black beagle) and follows her wherever she goes. Anja Kauffman


Hello Kristi and Boys! I wanted to update you guys on the baby beagle! He is so smart! He already knows how to sit,lay down,high five, dance and shake! He loves to play fetch and track down scent trails by the creek! He even found a tree with a hollow base that we had never seen In the 12 years we have been going down to the creek! So that was a lot of fun! Now we have to check the tree everyday lol) he is doing really good with potty training! At first he would he would poop on my deck every morning lol, but now has it figured out that we want him to go in the grass thankfully) he loves to cuddle and is the sweetest boy. Everyone who meets him loves him! We are starting training classes this month, he is going to get the Good Citizen training certificate! I think he will do perfect! I will make sure to keep you guys updated on his progress! Next time I will send a video showing all of his tricks! Take care and thank you for giving me such a sweet boy!



Hi Krissy, 

Here are a few pictures of Calvin! He is doing to well and is healthy as can be. He is definitely sensitive at times but loves to play and run, run, run! Thank you again for helping us have a little fur baby! 


Hi Krissy!


I just wanted to give you an update on Rizzo and send you some pictures.  She's such a sweet funny girl. She LOVES playing with the kids....almost too much to where her energy matches the boys and they will rough house with her and I have to intervene and make sure they're being gentle enough. She also loves to cuddle...crate training at night was going pretty well until the end of the summer where she decided she liked sleeping on the bed with David and I better and would whine and cry if we put her back in her crate. ha! Oh well...she's such a good cuddler and sleeps all night when she's with us, so we caved. 

She also LOVES all her neighbors in the neighborhood; dogs and humans. She will greet everyone, tail wagging, and then rolls over immediately for a belly rub (from the humans) or belly sniff (from the dogs). She loves riding with us in the car to run errands and has also enjoyed Doggie Day Camp at PetSmart from time to time.  

The only issue we have with her is around people food.  Her nose dominates her behavior at mealtimes and we have to put her away in her crate or the laundry room...but I guess that's to be expected with a beagle. :) Her nose also makes for some challenging walks nowadays with squirrels out everywhere burying nuts...ha! She's CRAZY for squirrels. It's so funny.

Anyway - I hope you and your boys and other dogs are well! Thank you for Rizzo...she's such a great addition to our family!




Just wanted to send a quick update on our Ranger boy! He is the perfect addition to our little family! We absolutely adore him. His favorite things to do are eat and sleep 😂 He loves treats and sleeping in on the weekends. He especially loves curling up with me under the blankets in the mornings. He is so loved and we are so thankful to have him!


Just wanted to give you an update on Touille, her and her sister Ivy are best friends for life, we couldn't be happier with her. We are forever greatful.


Hi Buster is doing great, had his appt. on Wed. and the vet said everything was perfect. He spends his days alternating between playing with his big sister and napping. Thank you

Just wanted to send an update on PJ! We spend so much time snuggling and finding the best sticks outside! He was basically potty-trained when we got him and we can’t appreciate that enough! Thank you again for adding PJ to our family!


Hi Krissy,

Max is now 6 months old and we love him so much! The boys love having Max chase him around the backyard and love to read to him. Max is happy to track squirrels and announce to the neighbors each time they are outside.

He is a wonderful pup. Thank you so much!

Katie and Joe 

rex and lucy.jpg


Lucy and Rex are doing well. Almost 9 months old now.  Lucy is on the left by our dachshund and Rex is on the right. They are awesome doggies.  Always looking forward to snacks! They enjoyed their first Christmas but were pretty rough on the tree.  Hope you guys and all your pups are doing well😊


Hi Kris,


Hope you and your boys are doing well and had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!


Thought I would send you a Christmas picture of Henry (born 02/23/2021). He's growing up to be just the sweetest and loving puppy!  He's about 26 pounds now and so playful with a very distinct personality.  We love him so much and so happy he joined our family.  


Take care,




We wanted to give you an update on our pup Igor that we got from you in November. We are just absolutely in love with him (and so is everyone that interacts with him, lol). He is just the sweetest, most well-behaved puppy we could ask for; we wish we had two of him, haha! Igor absolutely loves long walks/runs as well as sticks he finds on the way. Thank you for allowing us our precious little boy; we can’t imagine life without him! I’ve attached a few pictures below of him over the last couple months. You can see his head has changed to brown! Also, if you have an Instagram account (or your boys) Igor has his own profile with pictures of him week-by-week since we’ve gotten him! Feel free to follow him! his username is thebeagleigor and he’s quite popular ;) 


We’ve already taken him on a road trip to Denver, which he LOVED! Igor will be moving to Arizona with us temporarily within the next month, and then on to Seattle by this May! 


Thank you again,

Nathan and Jacqueline 


Hi Krissy, 


Hope you are well. Just wanted to send a couple of pics so you could see how much Rae has grown.  She’s 15 pounds already and just so sweet, we’ll when she’s not biting us anyway 😝. We love her more each day and couldn’t imagine life without her. 


I saw you have another little girl. We would totally get her if we didn’t have three dogs already.  She is so cute 💜. Hope she finds a good home. 


Thanks again for giving Rae to us. 


Thought i would share =)  Kristen    Penny and GG together 

penny (1).jpg

She a submissive dog with other dogs. Loves kids!  When she sees my grandsons coming she howls so loud(screams) from the deck



Couple of recent photos of the very sweet, and VERY perfect, little Bobby! He is such a lover and always knows how to find a spot on my lap - whether there is space or not. Potty training was a breeze with this little man. He loves tug of war, protecting the house from the couch by the front window, and of course, cuddling with his momma. I’ve never loved someone so much and I cannot explain to you what a blessing Bobby is to me.

He’s also a star at the vet. All the nurses always swing by our room to say hello to the most handsome beagle in town!


Happy April! Max just celebrated his 2nd birthday on the 1st and I just wanted to share our handsome guy again. 

We are so thankful for Max. He is a little sassy, a little sweet, and a whole bunch of fun. He is a great fit for our family

Max is 2.jpg
DSC_0583 4 (1).jpg
Max is2.jpg
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