Pictures of Puppies in their forever homes and what people had to say about them

I couldn’t really decide on just a couple of pictures lol. So there are quite a few attached to this email. She is getting along really well with the two other Beagles (Layla and Milo). She is quite attached to Layla (the black beagle) and follows her wherever she goes. Anja Kauffman

Hello Kristi and Boys! I wanted to update you guys on the baby beagle! He is so smart! He already knows how to sit,lay down,high five, dance and shake! He loves to play fetch and track down scent trails by the creek! He even found a tree with a hollow base that we had never seen In the 12 years we have been going down to the creek! So that was a lot of fun! Now we have to check the tree everyday lol) he is doing really good with potty training! At first he would he would poop on my deck every morning lol, but now has it figured out that we want him to go in the grass thankfully) he loves to cuddle and is the sweetest boy. Everyone who meets him loves him! We are starting training classes this month, he is going to get the Good Citizen training certificate! I think he will do perfect! I will make sure to keep you guys updated on his progress! Next time I will send a video showing all of his tricks! Take care and thank you for giving me such a sweet boy!


Hi Krissy, 

Here are a few pictures of Calvin! He is doing to well and is healthy as can be. He is definitely sensitive at times but loves to play and run, run, run! Thank you again for helping us have a little fur baby! 

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