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  Arrangements for pickup of puppy will be made before puppy is 8 weeks old any puppy held with me past 8 weeks old will incur a fee of $55 a week to help cover boarding and food/shots.

Shipping Cost

  The price to ship a puppy within the lower 48 United States costs $595. Price includes all travel fees so there are no hidden cost. All you have to do is pick your puppy up at your local airport.  I also offer shipping to Alaska and Hawaii although for those services, prices may vary just contact me to get an accurate price. Your puppy will fly either on Delta or United airlines. I can also fly puppies using different airlines.  The temperature can delay your puppy departure if temperatures reach above 85 degrees or below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. If this happens, we will schedule a new pick up time. This rarely happens but since we book a trip ahead of time, it might. Rest assured I always look into the forecast before booking a flight. 
I also have a driver who can deliver your pup right to your doorstep, the price will depend on where you live. 
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